About Us

Meet Our Farmers

It’s not every day you
get the chance to talk with the people that grow your food. At our farmer’s market, you can find out

how these high-quality fruit and vegetables are locally grown and even chat with our friendly growers.

Our Growing Dream

Our dream is to use Salt Air Farmer’s Market to bring people together to shop for local eats and treats. Most importantly, every dollar spent at the farmer’s market generates $10 of additional economic benefit through what is known as the multiplier effect. That means we take a portion of our profits and “pay it forward” to others.

Creating Opportunities

Feed our community by providing opportunities for local employment. Not only do we provide a venue for local famers, but we also bring in local artists to showcase their artwork. When you shop at Salt Air Farmer’s Market, you come away with great food and original art to decorate your home.