Vendor Contract

Rules & Regulations

1. It is the vendor’s responsibility to abide by all state, federal, and local regulations, special statutes, licenses, and ordinances which govern the production, labeling, sampling, public health, and safety of the products. Any vendor who does not comply will be dismissed from participating at Salt Air Farmer’s Market. Food vendors will be under the scrutiny of the health department, and it is up to you to comply; otherwise the health officer has the right to shut you down.

2. Pricing of goods sold at the market are the sole responsibility of the individual vendor. Vendors who are dishonest, fraudulent, or deceptive forfeit the right to do business. All vendors must adhere to sanitary procedures for selling produce or food of any kind. Vendors must dress appropriately. Shirts and shoes are required at all times.

3. All vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting Florida state and local tax on all sales that they make at Salt Air Farmer’s Market. For assistance in obtaining the correct forms for you and your business, please contact your local county office. Vendors are encouraged to carry liability insurance on products sold.

4. You will need to bring your own tent (10′ x 10′), chair(s), garbage pails, and table(s) since this is an outdoor event. It is requirement to have weights on your tent at all times. We highly recommend that you have a sign with your company name for customers to know more about you and how to contact you after the market. All boxes or any other items used to carry your merchandise in and out and to store your products must be neatly tucked away. Tablecloths are a nice way to have a organized space. Vendors are to be considerate of their neighbors.

5. The cost to set up as a vendor is $15 for each market per booth payable on the same day that you set up. This is our “Grand Opening Special” for October, November, and December. Starting January 2014, the regular rate is $20 for each market day. We prefer that you pay with cash, but we also accept checks. The money will be collected the day of the market by the market manager.

6. Salt Air Farmer’s Market is open every Sunday, rain or shine, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. all year round (unless it lands on a holiday or we have inclement weather). All vendors must arrive early to set up, preferably by 9:00 a.m. All booths should be set up and vendors ready to sell at 10:00 a.m. The market does not close until 2:00 p.m. No vendor will be allowed to pack early.

7. All works must be the original design of the artist/artisan. Categories include: sculpture, clay, glass, graphics, fiber, jewelry, leather, photography, and painting. Artists/artisans will be intermingled among other vendors at the market.
Please read each line below carefully and initial each line.

I understand that Salt Air Farmer’s Market reserves the right to limit or discontinue the participation of a vendor at any time.
I understand that I am responsible for adhering and keeping up to date with all relevant government regulations, tax requirements, health codes, licenses, etc.

I agree to give Salt Air Farmer’s Market, LLC, which is the company that runs the market, permission to uses my photos, depiction of my products, and my image for market promotional purposes only.

I release, forever discharge, and hold harmless Salt Air Farmer’s Market, Salt Air LLC, and the market managers of and from all manner of actions, suits, damages, claims, and demands whatsoever in law or in equity from any loss or damage to property of the undersigned while participating in or with Salt Air Farmer’s Market, its agents, representatives, or employees. I also consent to enforcement of all market rules as outlined on this document.
I, the undersigned, have carefully read and understood the Vendor Guidelines and Application Form as outlined above.
I also understand that being given the chance to be a vendor at Salt Air Farmer’s Market is a privilege and not a right. Salt Air Farmer’s Market itself or this vendor contract can be terminated, dissolved, or discontinued at any time without notice.